Come add to a beautiful future...

There is so much around us about what is going wrong with our world and, I don't see, a lot about what a really healthy, beautiful and sustainable world could be. 

So, I am inviting you to a link to a survey monkey which is really a way of easily capturing paragraphs.  I am asking you to write one paragraph about what a future healthy world would look and feel like.  Just choose one topic and zero in on one special aspect of it.  Don’t try for an essay as you will get another chance to wrote soon.

My dream is your putting an intention out to the world will give a bit of hope to you, as writer, the readers to come, and to the world.  Maria calls this a quantum prayer – ask her about that as it is rather lovely.

Once the paragraph is written I will ask you to give it a category.  When there is a sizeable amount written I will put them all together, put it here and send it back to you all. 

Then you can write something else - following on from what someone else has written or a new topic.

When the next round of writing turns up there will be a rule of no commenting or challenging others writing – you write what you want and let others write what they want ,as all are valid and if this goes out to more there will be challenges in different perspectives. What fun.


I want to see if it works.  How much work it is. Could it spread. I wonder if it could be a force for good. 

Please give it ago and tell me your experience


Use this link to put in your vision for a beautiful future...