Deep Nature Work

Your relationship with Nature,

reflects your inner Nature.

Where you stand in the World,

you will stand Within.

Your journey of Growth

is embraced and nurtured.

Deep Nature Work taps into the ability of nature as a teacher, as a mirror, as a place of belonging and deep nurturing.  It opens up the ‘blind spots’ in our personal growth and allows for joyful discovery of insights and diversity of perspective, supporting us to let go of unhealthy patterns and grow towards our true potential of self.
Deep Nature Work facilitates the interface of our own human nature with the ecosystem that we are part of, no matter where we walk on Earth.  Its approach is gentle, and it accesses tools and knowledge gained over thousands of years that are vested deeply within us.  It fosters building relationships and connections within the ecosystem which then carry through into our relationships within the communities where we walk each day.  Participants are telling us that the tools gained have greatly assisted them in their everyday lives and their personal journeys.

You are invited to join us in this inspiring exploration.  We offer a range of workshops that respond to different aspects of our life and personal development journey.  We can also create workshops to suit your needs.   We suggest that you enrol in the ‘Introduction to Deep Nature Work’ first, as this will allow you to fully gain the benefits of the following workshops.  If need be, we can arrange additional introductory sessions on demand.  Workshops usually run from Friday early evening to Sunday 3pm and are based in local venues that provide access to beautiful and inspiring ecosystems, including our own protected forest.  
Workshop Calendar 2019: 

  • Personal Ecosystems – our place in Community     3-5th May 19 
  • Introduction to Deep Nature Work      17-19th May 19 
  • Alignment – within ourselves and the world around us    12-14th July 19 
  • Empathy – emotional pathways and interface      6-8th Sept 19 
  • A journey to honour the Land with our voice – 5 days walk to Blue Lake   October 19 - TBC 
  • Personal Power – how to stand in Love, Power & Truth    1-3rd Nov 19 
  • Celebration & Vision Quest – reflecting on the year, opening the pathway ahead 13 -15th Dec 19 
  • The Sphere of Directions as an Adult Development Tool    on request

Our local venues are chosen to provide access to beautiful and inspiring ecosystems, including our own protected forest and we can also come to you to deliver. 

Contact Maria or Scott at     0064-21 2349917 & 0064-21 541962