Nature is a powerful coach

Nature coaching offers individual developmental coaching through interaction with nature and our place in the ecosystem.  It enables you to grow in an interconnected way and through your relationship to the natural world to facilitate your journey to a fulfilled life.

Nature coaching is a guided practice that offers you:

  • ways to deeply nurture yourself
  • a wide range of tools to set out an inquiry and to create meaningful reflections
  • ability to conceptualise and make visible internal confusion as well as potential solutions
  • opportunity to physically shift parameters that impact your life
  • a range of tools to monitor and review your progress
  • getting a deeper understanding of how to truly grow and thrive
  • a strong counterbalance to the worlds fast paced demands and pressures
  • an exploration of your own cultural roots in the context of nature
  • a holistic approach to whatever may impact your wellbeing

Nature coaching is best offered on site in nature, with follow up tasks that you can take to your favourite nature spot afterwards.  If you are not close enough to us to make this possible, then a Skype conversation with a range of guided tasks in nature may also be a possibility. 

If you are growing a curiousity on how this could work please get in touch.

Behold the Turtle, he makes progress only if he sticks his neck out.

James Conant