Growing Dialogue

We are here to help you find a great way through the issues facing you.  We use our strong curiosity, years of experience and our thirst for your growth to open up the options for you and build an action plan to move ahead.

Coaching - One to one sessions of exploring what is happening to expand your view of your journey and from this build a positive plan for action

Facilitation - Processes for groups that are tailor made and enable groups to take ownership of resolving their own issues by amplifying their innate potential.   Good design of workshops and meetings return higher productivity then what most people deliver.  This includes support before, during and after the session.

Team Coaching - Using one to one coaching to build a plan that involves facilitation of team growth as well as follow up around behaviour change, engagement and further strengthening the team

Working with Nature - Delivering our services in a nature setting takes the results up an order of magnitude.  Think of how a walk in the forest can clear the mind, increase creativity and bring new insights - use nature to take your work to new depths

Organisational Development - Done through open questions and good processes to support you in working out the best way of changing, growing and developing your organisation.

Building your Community - Facilitation of good process with your community builds links, understanding, collaboration and great actions.  We can help with process design, running events and follow up actions.



Organisation Development

Community Development


Why Growing Dialogue as our company name?

The core of what we do is help each other to grow and we do this through good dialogue. 

Dialogue is about listening, sharing and building on what the other person is saying.  It is growing together.  We choose dialogue to emphasise that we are coming to listen, understand what is happening for you and work with you for a great pathway forward.  We do not come in with an answer that we want to push down your throat.  Rather we will use the wide range of options we see and talk together to make something that works for you.

The growth focus reflects our experience of people solving problems through growing their capability to do what is needed and growing their understanding around the issues they are facing.  As your world expands in relation to what you are facing, you see more options for solutions and actions. An expanded understanding of options leads to better decision making.  Being able to handle the bigger view of the world is growth that works.

What does our email address of Koreromai mean?

Korero is the Maori concept of a great conversation with respectful listening and respectful speaking.  The mai part is an invitation to engage with us. So send us a message and lets get a good korero going.



Deep Nature Work

Your relationship with Nature,
reflects your inner Nature

Where you stand in the World,
you will stand Within.

Your journey of Growth is embraced and nurtured

Deep Nature Work taps into the ability of nature as a teacher, as a mirror, as a place of belonging and deep nurturing.  It opens up the ‘blind spots’ in our development and allows for joyful discovery of insights and diversity of perspective, supporting us to move out of long established patterns.

Deep Nature Work facilitates the interface of our own human nature with the ecosystem that we are part of, no matter where we walk on Earth.  Its approach is gentle, and it accesses tools and knowledge gained over thousands of years that are vested deeply within us.  It fosters building relationships and connections within the ecosystem which then carry through into our relationships within the communities where we walk each day.

You are invited to join us in this exploration.  We have developed workshops that respond to different developmental aspects and we can tailor make to suit your needs.

Here is our list of workshops for 2024: nature 2024 workshop programme.pdf?202405030810

For people new to Deep Nature work Maria will give you a one to one training session before a workshop to bring you up to speed.