Growing through Facilitation

Facilitation is an approach of working with people that uses the wisdom of each person and the amplified overall group wisdom to achieve results that cannot be achieved by a more linear process.  As facilitators we have a high level of consciousness of the people we work with, of the complex dynamics of a team and at the same time of our own impact on this work.  The basic facilitation principle is one of enabling others to create their own solutions in a way that is respectful to where they are at any given place in time.

Facilitations are designed and carried out in consultation with the key people within an organisation and they are tailor made for each purpose, situation and client group.  As part of the facilitation process we offer wide range of tools and approaches to address the evolving needs of individuals, teams or organisations. Some of these tools include:

  • Participatory dialogue techniques such as World Cafe and Open Space Technology
  • Adult Development and Positive Psychology methods
  • Problem solving with the Cynefin framework for working with complex situations
  • Appreciative Inquiry and Strength Based Analysis
  • Nature Facilitation (take me there)

Growing your Team

Strength based team strategies and organisational engagement tools
Clarifying and/or establishing team purpose
Facilitating formation of new teams out of re-structuring, including re-building their motivation
Assisting with transition and change management – helping put the teams back together after change
Strategic planning for new and emerging teams
‘Above the line ~ Below the line’ team behaviour management
Team Management Profiling (TMP) for improved communication

Situations are always changing and it is my pleasure to be able to use my strength in adapting and inventing to help you out.

We will work with you to clarify what your purpose is and the ways we can facilitate to each that purpose.  That might be facilitating a core group which will lead on to a bigger meeting or it might mean facilitating your team meeting.

Growing your Organisation

Developing and changing an organisation is a long term project which we can help you succeed with.  Many if not most change projects don't succeed and mostly that is due to poor engagement by the stakeholders - staff and external people.  Without the understanding of how to influence people to change behaviours many a great idea has stalled after launching.  We can help with processes to help you figure out what you want for your organisation and work out how to get there.  You may be clear already with what you want and needing the processes to get you there.  Happy to help!  Good facilitation of group processes will save you time and mean that you have a much better chance of reaching your goal.     


Growing Your Community

To move beyond your own organisation into your wider community requires an understanding of the world outside your door, a willingness to listen to other views and passionate agendas and an ability to create collaboration from a complex situation.  As facilitators we can assist in clarifying your intentions, what you can offer to the community and what the community in return may provide to you.  We can plan and host gatherings, facilitate productive discussions that foster collaborative outcomes.  Our experience includes cross sector and cross cultural facilitation as well as growing intentional communities from small beginnings.  It will be our pleasure to work with you to explore and build your own communities.

When someone asks what there is to do, light the candle in their hands.

Jalal ad-din Rumi




The fabulous team of facilitators that worked together for the UN Humanitarian Pacific Regional Consultation

Scott facilitated a group and designed the process