"Your relationship with Nature,
reflects your inner Nature.
Where you stand in the World,
you will stand Within.
Your journey of Growth
is embraced and nurtured"


Invitation to Deep Nature Work for 2024

Deep Nature Work offers a unique way of personal growth in beautiful natural spaces where Nature as a teacher, mirror and nurturer invites you to explore and grow in an enriching environment. 

Through our relationship and place in nature we find answers that may have eluded us for a long time.  The small group size workshops foster beautiful community connections, creative aspects bring joy and lightness that fill you up. 


Workshop Schedule 2024

Stepping Stones of Potential           10 – 12th May 2024

This workshop invites Nature as a teacher and mentor to assist us in the next steps for our wellbeing and growth.

When unfolding our personal potential, we step across thresholds, through challenges and into joyfully being who we truly are. Nature steps with us to nurture and to keep our motivation and joy of life vibrant

Resilience Exploration                      21st – 23rd June 2024

In Nature the resilient tree dances with the water, flexes with the storm and adapts to sun, wind and weather – thriving all the way.  For us humans, Nature is an incredible teacher on how to turn stoic endurance and rigid resistance into a vibrant set of resilience skills.

This is an opportunity to develop your resilience in work and daily life.

Still Points in the Flow                     16th -18th August 2024

In our journey of self exploration we often co-create challenges to enable us to recognise old patterns that no longer serve.  In these moments, how can we allow the river of life to roar around us, while we sit in stillness and grounded connection in the midst of it all.  We will engage with flow, still points, and all the elements of Nature to grow our ability to stay in peace and power as life unfolds.

Deep Nature Journey                       27th September – 3rd October 2024 TBC

A 5-6 day walk through beautiful mountains and rivers offers a powerful interconnection with Nature which allows us to grow the inner journey as we walk the outer world.  Bring your own personal inquiry or intention and unfold and grow it each step along the way.

Joy-full Inspiration                          15th – 17th November 2024

Through deepening our place in, and our relationship with Nature, we open a space for mutual inspiration as a foundation of fulfilment and joy.  Our inner Nature is reflected in the outer world, and we are an integral part of the whole.  We build on this knowledge to lift our inspirational fitness, starting each new day motivated and joyful.  We get to know our very own personal blueprint of inspiration.

Nature Vision Quest                       17th -19th January 2025

This is an opportunity to start the new calendar year with clarity and self-confidence.  The workshop is in our special forest covenant, with a stone circle, labyrinth, a stunning vibrant river and nurturing forest and bird song.

We reflect on the year past, explore what still needs resolving and what we’d like to ‘dream’ into reality for the coming months.  We offer personal coaching alongside the community exploration and you are held in deep peace and love.

Nature Community Days              Dates and topics TBC

In addition to the more in depth workshops we would like to offer Deep Nature Community Days. These are one day gatherings where different members of the community share a skill or idea, covering a wide diversity of topics and offerings.

These days are ‘koha’ to whoever leads and to support the venue.

Introduction to Deep Nature Work

Explore the magic of ‘deep nature work’ – a nurturing and gentle way to nourish yourself, grow towards your potential and gain tools to stay grounded and positive in daily life.

This is a great workshop for people new to this experience and work.  We need a minimum of 6 people to offer a 1-2 day workshop.

Further Information on Deep Nature Work…

Tailormade Workshops, Facilitation and Coaching

Deep Nature Coaching is a personalised, heart based coaching approach offered by Maria, interweaving Nature’s magic with your journey of self discovery.  Minimum 4 sessions for new people.

We also offer tailormade facilitated workshops for teams, leadership groups, young people and cross cultural settings.  We can match our nature tools to themes like resilience building, team development, strategic planning, transition and change skills, and many more. Please get in touch with us to find out how we can best match what you are looking for.

How does it work….

Deep Nature Work is a blend of personal nurturing, developmental elements, nature activities, tools and reflections; all tailor made to the theme of each workshop.  There are times working in a circle as a group, times for individual and pair integration and big chunks of time in Nature to gain insights, nourishment and connection.   The standard workshops run from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, with short walks that are achievable by most people.  We can match physical challenges/ disabilities with adapted activities.  For the journey a certain level of fitness and comfort in the outdoors is required.

Your Facilitators

Maria Deutsch has facilitated Deep Nature work and Nature Coaching for many years.  She is great at opening connections between everyday life’s journey and challenges and nature wisdom that can support us in these places.  Maria is a qualified facilitator, coach and trainer and has been working with cross cultural groups for over 20 years.

Scott Nicol has been connecting people to nature for many years – as an environmental campaigner, as an outdoor instructor and as a passionate explorer of nature.  Scott is a qualified facilitator and coach and helps people to work better together, to build their leadership potential and develop and grow.

Scott and Maria are guardians/ kaitiaki of 36 ha of native forest which they have cared for these last 29 years. This space is open as a retreat for renewal, learning and nature connection.

The Sites and Venues…

Most of our workshops are based in rented houses with full facilities and shared accommodation.  From there we go out into beautiful and diverse nature settings of forests, rivers and lakes of Nelson Lakes National Park. The Nature Vision Quest involves camping and is held at our covenanted magnificent Te Kaainga Tawhai Forest, bordering Kahurangi National Park. At times we offer 5-6 day journeys into the mountains.

Contributions and Costs…

We offer Deep Nature work to nurture people to grow into their shining selves and deepen their connection to our beautiful Planet.  To make it accessible to people, we keep the fees for our standard workshops to a minimum, though we accept koha if you want to add it to the base costs. We have barter and payment options if the fee is unachievable for some reason – please get in touch if this is the case.

The full brochure is here https://cdn-asset-mel-2.airsquare.com/growingdialogue/library/deep nature 2024 workshop programme.pdf?202405030810

To find out more and to register please get in touch with Scott and Maria at koreromai@growingdialogue.nz