Deep Nature Workshops

Your relationship with Nature,

reflects your inner Nature.

Where you stand in the World,

you will stand Within.

Your journey of Growth

is embraced and nurtured.

Invitation to Deep Nature Work for 2022

 Deep Nature Work offers a unique way of personal growth in beautiful natural spaces where Nature as a teacher, mirror and nurturer invites you to explore and grow in an enriching environment.  Through our relationship and place in nature we find answers that may have eluded  us for a long time.  The small group size workshops foster beautiful community connections, creative aspects bring joy and lightness that fill you up.  

What we have on offer for 2022

13th  to 15th May

Pathfinder Navigation

The Pathway of heightened Potential

This workshop focuses on successfully navigating a time of constant change and global pressures.  Nature teaches how the richness of curiosity can overcome fear of the unknown and how often ‘when we are lost’ we are actually exploring new horizons.


24th June to 26th June

Matariki – Dreaming the Future

Honouring the Season of Transmutation

Matariki is the season of transmutation from Dark to Light and the time to dream our future for the year ahead.  We will work with Nature to anchor our dreams from above and below so they can grow fruit in the next Spring.


12th to 14th August

Intuition II     (all welcome)

Inner Ecosystems creating the outer World

A beautiful exploration of our place in the web that is our complex inner and outer world, and how we can co-create our journey through awareness and re-awakening of our intuitive abilities.  Nature will teach us the Weave of Intuition available to anyone.


23rd to 25th September

Heart Presence

Building Presence and Strength from the Centre

This Equinox themed workshop invites us into the Heart of our Nature, to self nurture, to develop strength, reciprocity and the ability to be fully present in the everyday world.  A beautiful Spring season opening of our ability to work powerful from the Heart.


20-27th November

(5-6 days during this week)

Deep Nature Journey

The Journey of Self through inner and outer Landscapes

A five day walk through beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes offers a powerful interconnection with Nature which allows us to grow the inner journey as we walk the outer world.  Bring your own personal inquiry or intention and unfold and grow it each step along the way.


On Request

Nature Vision Quest

A deeply enriching exploration of Nature’s ability to open the way ahead and co-create with you into the future.

This can be done as a family group, a work team or a group of friends.  Minimum number is 4 people.


On Request

Deep Nature Facilitation and Team Development

Nature as companion and teacher to assist your team to build resilience, wellbeing and personal leadership for greater potential.  Tailor made high quality facilitation that is nurturing the wellbeing of the team as well as developing its ability to deliver.


On Request

Deep Nature Coaching

A personalised, heart based coaching approach that interweaves Nature’s magic with your journey of self discovery.  Minimum 4 sessions for new people.


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