Working with Nature enriches Facilitation

Research around he world has shown that working with people in a natural setting brings enhanced results.  This can be an enhanced ability to think and reflect, enhanced creativity or an increase of team effectiveness.  Nature facilitation taps into this rich storehouse to offer you a new perspective of growing your dialogue, your team and your organisation.

Here are some key building blocks that lead to success when working with teams in a nature setting.

First Building Block - "take it outside"

increase of alpha brainwaves promotes a relaxed, yet more focused contribution
a natural environment makes it easier for people to shift to new ways of working together
the outdoors can balance the introvert extrovert tension

Second Building Block - "the power of metaphors"

nature is rich in symbolism and metaphors allow for distance from polarised issues
nature tools replace focus on personalities with a focus on purpose and solutions
metaphors work beyond the day and the learning impacts for longer

Third Building Block - "ability to make complexity visible"

organisations are reflected in ecosystems and through this offer new insights
structures of nature are used to reflect team or group structures
complex scenarios are made visible, especially with dynamic forces at work

There are more building blocks and each workshop is tailor made to the client's needs.  Get in touch if this has whetted your curiosity.