Coaching is a powerful tool to help you grow and better able to solve the complex issues facing you.

Coaching is a focused conversation where you are assisted to get an expanded view of your situation through good questioning and listening.  The coach uses curiosity and questions to help you dig deeper into what is happening and to build a set of actions for you to choose from.  Your coach does not give advice - your coach works with you to get the answer that allows you to step ahead.

How it works

Come meet Scott or Maria and check out if what we offer is what you are after.  This 'chemistry check' is important as you want to be able to trust your coach and to have the right level of challenge for you.  For us, the chemistry check is free and is done over a cuppa - no payment expected at this stage.

Once you choose your coach the first meeting aims to understand your goals and what is driving the need for coaching.  Initially we work on expanding the context of your goal and your place in this.  Follow up sessions support the next steps in your journey and as your understanding expands your options for moving forward open up.  If appropriate an early session can involve your manager setting the context of what she or he thinks may be useful to work on.  This gives you good feedback, provides a useful starting point and is a vote of confidence for your potential.  Coaching is about growing into a new ability to handle the presuures you are under and creating an (organisational) environment to support you in this.  It is about realising a fulfilled work and personal life where you have the confidence to co-create your own individual pathway in the world.

Each coaching arrangement is tailor made to suit your needs and sessions range from one hour to two hours.  It is useful to have the first few sessions face to face and build a good personal connection, following sessions can be done by video link or phone. After at least four sessions there is a check in on progress, what is working and what could change. 

We are looking forward to meeting you.